General Program Overview

Welcome to Green Square Town Centre! A school education program like no other.

Green Square Town Centre is an exciting redevelopment being carried out in Sydney’ sinner-city suburbs by Landcom and Mirvac. Infact, Green Square is the first town centre to be delivered by the City of Sydney in 100 years.

Learn about all the different skills required to build such a huge project and be fascinated by the unique features that make this urban renewal project unique. Then take this knowledge and design your own community hub or urban renewal project.

Developed for Stage 3 and Stage 6 students, these units of work promote the exploration of an urban regeneration project through engaging inquiry-based learning. Set a challenge to answer, student scan explore the interactive map to find answers to their questions as well as learning about Mirvac and Landcom’s environmental response and sustainability action plan for the development.

Stage 3 Unit of Work

Challenged to explore a range of job roles involved in urban renewal, students will deep-dive into the construction of Green Square Town Centre, learning the skills required to design their own community hub focused on sustainability.

Stage 6 Unit of Work

Explore the Green Square Town Centre to find out how to redevelop a fictional brownfield site in their local community. Investigate the urban dynamics within the Green Square community and scaffold the learning with group work to research, draft and present an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for their proposed redevelopment.

Interactive Map

Green Square is brought to life through QR codes that allow students to immerse themselves in the different areas of the development including the library, plaza, aquatic and recreation centre, community and cultural precinct.

Video along with click-and-reveal features on the map to show the town centre streets network, the traffic and transport capabilities as well as the development’s sustainability planning.

About Mirvac

Since our founding in 1972, we have been reimagining urban life in Australia - creating exceptional living experiences through the pursuit of quality and care in every little detail.

To reimagine urban life is both our passion and our purpose through which we leave a legacy of sustainable, connected and vibrant urban environments.

About Landcom

Landcom is the NSW Government’s land and property development organisation. Our mission is to create more affordable and sustainable communities. Our role is to help the Government achieve its urban management objectives. Landcom’s vision for Green Square is to revitalise the industrial edge of Sydney’s inner south into a vibrant global village, forming a hub of residential, retail, commercial, and cultural amenities for the community.

About Green Square

Green Square is one of the most significant urban renewal projects under construction in Australia. At the heart of this area is the Green Square Town Centre, forming the residential, retail, commercial, and cultural hub of the community.

Landcom is a major landowner within the town centre and the lead agency collaborating with key stakeholders. We have enabled delivery of the town centre by resolving complex land ownership, planning and infrastructure constraints.

We have entered a project agreement with the private sector (Mirvac Green Square) to develop the site.

Green Square Town Centre is rejuvenating former industrial land into a vibrant place where people can live, work and enjoy during the day and night. It will include entertainment, cultural and community features and activities.

The City of Sydney is responsible for the design and delivery of community facilities including the library, plaza, open spaces and aquatic centre. Landcom and Mirvac are developing the core sites within the town centre.


Stage 3 Unit of Work
Years 5-6 Mathematics Humanities and Social Sciences Health and Physical Education
Stage 6 Unit of Work
Years 11-12 Humanities and Social Sciences
Interactive Map
Years 5-6 Years 11-12 Humanities and Social Sciences